U Kyaw Naing

Managing Director & Senior Technical Expert

U Kyaw Naing has over 15 years of experience in rural development, agricultural development, community-based and -driven development, community organisational capital and social capital formation, livelihoods improvement of poor and the poorest, group-based savings and credit operations, micro and small enterprises development in the rural area as well as in small urban towns. Kyaw Naing has extensive experience in using PRA tools and processes for planning, investment programming and community group empowerment.

As principal training expert at DRI, Kyaw Naing has designed training curriculum in all of the above areas, prepared training modules, trained trainers and target beneficiaries as well.

U Kyaw Naing is leading the ACE team on implementation of the ACE model designed to link micro and small enterprises to financial institutions. At DRI, Kyaw Naing provides leadership role in implementation of consulting and training projects and project management.

Kyaw Naing has extensive working experience with government officials at union, state/region and township level; similar experience in dealing with multilateral development agencies such as UN agencies, World Bank and Asian Development Bank, International and national non-governmental organisations, civil society organisations, financial institutions and private sector.

Kyaw Naing holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Agriculture from the Yezin Agricultural University, Myanmar.